Bookcase headboard king – Convert an old door slab, or any other wide door of a double bed, a headboard saves money and teaches you basic carpentry skills. This project is green, as an architectural component that would otherwise go to a landfill, recycling and design, creating a unique piece of furniture heritage Accents rustic decor, shabby chic or country. If you feel uncomfortable with power tools, your hardware or home improvement center can cut as your door for a small fee.

Measure the width of your mattress and the door slab. The door should measure a few inches higher than the bed is wide. If it is too long, mark bookcase headboard king a cutting line with a pencil. Lay the door flat work surface and make a straight cut through the door using the criteria and bracket as needed.

Practical door, as needed, through the cut line using the power saw. Sand the rough edge cut as desired using sandpaper. Decide which side of the door will be the top of the head, cut or uncut side and a length of molding

the chair rail so it is the same length through the mountains the seat molded into the upper edge of the top of the head and then glue bookcase headboard king it in place using wood glue. Allow the glue to dry, following the manufacturer’s instructions, then trim more secure with a wooden evenly spaced nails hammered flush against the surface. Determine the location of its head. It hangs like a heavy image, so it is half visible above their pillows. Mark the wall lightly with pencil picture hooks.

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