Looking For Ideal Fitted Bed Skirt

Looking For Ideal Fitted Bed Skirt?

Fitted bed skirt, Our bed is one of the most special places of our house since in it we dedicate many hours of rest. We sleep there, we watch television, we read, we eat, and we even work. That’s why, today we bring you some crafts to decorate our bed and do something beautiful.

Have you been in the store lately, looking for fitted bed skirt? I was shopping around a week ago, looking for one that works in the room but the options are pretty slim. Especially for a skirt of the bed without frills. I decided to make my own. Oh, how I love that!

Fitted bed skirt is below the mattress covering from the base of the mattress to the floor. Start by measuring the top of the bed frame. In my case 1.60m wide by 1.90 high. Next, add 4 cm to the length and 2 cm to the width. I cut a piece of cloth for this dimension. I bought the cheapest piece of white cotton fabric that I could find for this and it is only sandwiched between the mattress and the mattress.

Go back to the measurements we have taken previously and add marks to the middle of each long side, the 2 corners that are rounded, and then right in the middle of the short part. This is where you are going to place your folds. And to save on the fitted bed skirt fabric, I cut 3 long strips of fabric and mounted them.

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