Lovely Dollhouse Bookcase Is Actually Easy

Lovely Dollhouse Bookcase Is Actually Easy

To get a low cost decoration only you need a little skill and inspiration, such as this dollhouse bookcase made ​​from recycled wood box. With it you can not only decorate room for kids, but additional storage space is also achieved and provides a playground.

Build a dollhouse for children of house need not become complicated. Proof is in proposals that we showed today that can reproduce images and easily using economic materials. Do not you believe it?

All proposals used as basis to build dollhouse bookcase or cubic children. From there this DIY becomes an exercise in creativity in which one can play different environments create paper cutouts, stamped adhesives dolls and accessories.

Wrapping paper becomes a perfect tool to customize wall of each room. You just have to cut it to size and use double-sided tape to fix it. Then, Continues to create with cardboard elements such as doors or carpets. You can use colored wool to give more realism to carpets have to take care of details!

Utilized washi tapes or tapes to create windows or furniture decorate different dolls. To give way to home, you can define outline of it on wall with painted or washi paper tape. A fireplace, some clouds, some birds can incorporate as many details as you want on wall. Build a dollhouse bookcase can become a nice DIY project. But it can also help us enjoy some time with kids on your next vacation. A simple and lovely DIY, do not you think?

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