string lights for bedroom

Popular String Lights for Bedroom

String lights for bedroom – String is a versatile object. Low in cost, string formed in almost any form. When working with UV or black light, the string becomes a decorating tool. White twine glows in the dark, like fishing line. Available at most retail stores, string low price allows the decorator to create large-scale projects for a small amount. The thread is white, the fishing line is green.

Create pictures on the walls in the form of spider webs, skulls and geometric figures with string. Attach the string to the wall with hot glue or epoxy-based adhesive for permanent character. For a temporary structure, using double sided tape. Consider hanging string from corner to corner. This gives the appearance of glowing lines floating in the air under the black light. For an extra touch, disrupting the flow of the glow by selecting areas on the string with a black marker. These areas will not light up the light.

Bring more style to your drape lighting by beautifying lights. Even twinkle lights on their own provide a soft glow when wrapped in a colorful piece of tulle (a cheap form of netting) the resulting glow captures color. Or drape the twinkle string lights for bedroom around or beside a mirror and not only will you get a nice shimmer effect but the light glow will be thrown around the room.

Fairy lights make great night string lights for bedroom children and make their room feel comfortable and accommodating. They can add a dramatic flair for adult bedrooms as well. They are great for decorating high headboards, footboards, canopies or sketching doors and windows. They can be wrapped around curtain rods or potted plants or used to outline pictures or shelves.

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